Eduardo Jiménez Mayo
Literary Translator, Writer and Senior Lecturer of World Literature

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

Author: Bruno Estañol

Translator: Eduardo Jiménez

Paperback: 65 pages

Publisher: Eduardo Jiménez in conjunction with Goose River Press

Language: English

ISBN: 1-59713010-9

About the Author: Bruno Estañol (Frontera, 1945) was trained in Medicine and Neuroscience at the Mexican National University and at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He began publishing fiction in 1989 and has consistently received enthusiastic reviews in some of Mexico City’s finest newspapers, including La Jornada and La Crónica de Hoy. He is the recipient of the José Fuentes Mares National Prize for Literature, the San Luis Potosí National Prize for Short Stories and The Silver Juchimán, the latter bestowed for excellence in Tabascan letters. His rare blend of authentic regionalism and cultivated universality has earned him praise among such notable critics of contemporary Mexican fiction as Russell M. Cluff and Howard Quackenbush of Brigham Young University.  

Description: A novella or sequence of short stories taking place in the small town of Frontera, Tabasco, Mexico, regarding what happens to several characters on a single, decisive day: January 1, 1956. The characters include Ovidio, an eleven-year-old boy, who is the principal narrator and who goes to the theater for the first time to see the quick-change artist Fata Morgana; Pedro Ángel, an adolescent, who goes to the brothel and meets Cinnamon Skin, with whom he attempts to elope; and María Pía, a young pianist who meets Adriano, her first love, at the New Year’s Ball. Within the same timeframe, a murder is committed; the local pharmacist is strangled with his own necktie. These narratives are rich with references to the music and the popular culture of the period and to the folklore of the Gulf Coast region of Mexico.


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